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Belleville Khoury League Announcements

2015 Season Extended Mon Jun 22 2015

This past Monday evening, June 22, the District Council of the South Central Illinois District agreed that the 2015 season should be extended for all leagues and teams that wish to continue to make up games. As such, all Khoury Leagues and teams in our district are encouraged to do so.

It was agreed that the season will be extended to the end of July. However there should be no make up games scheduled during the National Playoff Tournaments.

As efforts are put forth to reschedule games, please keep in mind that not all teams will be able and willing to do so. In those cases, there shall be no consequences (forfeits) for those teams.

It should also be noted that some leagues will be unable to host home games beyond the end of the season due to shared or rented fields. In those cases, the leagues that can host are encouraged to accommodate by hosting games where their own teams are the away team.

Finally, please be patient as we try this. While this concept seems simple enough, issues may arise as we work through this process. Let's all keep in mind that our overall goal is to provide all teams that want to play more ball with the opportunity to do so. And hopefully there will be no more tropical storms coming our way for the remainder of the season!

As always, questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions are welcomed.

Jeff Thurston
Director, South Central Illinois District
George Khoury Association of Baseball Leagues