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Belleville Khoury League Announcements

Team Resources Mon Apr 20 2015

These items have been moved to the "Team Resources" menu.

Belleville Khoury Night At GMC Stadium - June 21 Wed Apr 1 2015

You can help Belleville Khoury League raise needed funds by going to the Grizzlies game! Use pass code bkhoury when purchasing tickets online.

Player Registration Sat Mar 28 2015

Teams for the 2015 season have now been formed. Players can be added to existing teams only. We have room in the following age divisions. Register now, while there is still room!

More information can be found in the "Registration" menu.

West End Khoury and Belleville Khoury Have Merged Thu Jan 1 2015

To improve the efficiency of both organizations and to improve the services we provide to our members, the leaders of the West End Khoury League and Belleville Khoury League organizations have decided to merge. The merger process was started at the conclusion of the 2014 season and will continue through the 2015 season as our combined organization adapts to this change and resolves any issues that may arise. Click here for more details.